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How does the CARTHEIA solar carport work?
CARTHEIA charges your e-cars or your customers’ vehicles with solar energy in an environmentally-friendly and efficient way. As standard, an installed nominal power of 3 kilowatt peak (kWP) per parking space can be assumed.

In principle, every kilowatt hour (kWh) generated by the solar installation on the CARTHEIA solar carport saves you the same amount of electricity from the public grid. The production costs of a photovoltaic system are around 18 cents/kWh.

If the energy produced is not used by an electric vehicle, it is fed into your building mains and used there.

What are the other benefits?
The solar carport provides a comfortable, weatherproof place to park: dry and protected from hail in autumn and winter, pleasantly shaded and cool in summer.

Which vehicles can CARHEIA be used for?
CARTHEIA is suitable for all current electric vehicles with lithium-ion batteries. Motorhomes, vans, and commercial vehicles up to a maximum height of 2.90 metres can also be parked and charged in the solar carport. The same goes for e-bikes and e-scooters.

Why is CARTHEIA ideal for businesses, local authorities, and industry?
The construction is simple and the design is attractive. In the commercial sector, with medium or high customer frequency, CARTHEIA offers proactive customer service as a unique selling point when it comes to charging electric vehicles. 

CARTHEIA guarantees a cost-effective solution for new buildings or conversions and can usually be installed without the need for major planning applications. In addition, a marketing package makes it possible to install advertising space and monitors on the solar carport and to recoup a large part of the investment costs through advertising revenue.

What material is CARTHEIA made of and what are its advantages?
The CARTHEIA solar carport is made of high-quality, hot-dip galvanised S235 structural steel. This steel is resistant to weathering and corrosion and is extremely strong and durable. Hot-dip galvanised steel does not require any maintenance during its lifetime.

Who makes CARTHEIA?
The solar carport was developed by umetec GmbH in Eberswalde, near Berlin. The steel construction company has been a supplier to the solar industry for 20 years. umetec offers high-quality work made in Germany and maintains a highly innovative machine park. More information:

What colours is CARTHEIA available in?
The basic models are hot-dip galvanised and can be produced in any RAL colour on request. The protective effect of the hot-dip galvanisation is further enhanced by the powder coating.

What are the security, marketing, and winter packages?
The packages offer extras for added safety and comfort. For example, collision protection, a lockable equipment compartment, a grit container, frame brackets for advertising boards and monitors or a display for visualising performance or your advertising. 

Does CARTHEIA come with a charging station, wall box, storage, and energy management system?
No. As we want to respond to your individual needs, the charging station, wallbox, storage unit, and energy management system are available as optional extras. Our project managers will be happy to advise you on the right choice and take care of ordering and installing the technology for you.

What CARTHEIA models are available and which one is right for me?
The SINGLE model with cantilevered roof is the space-saving solution and is suitable for mounting on the walls of buildings. It is accessible from one side.

CARTHEIA SINGLE offers two parking spaces as standard and its roof can accommodate a maximum of five rows of three photovoltaic panels (= 15 panels). Dimensions: 2.90/5.80/5.90 metres (H/W/D).

The DOUBLE model with trough roof is ideal for more parking spaces and to cover larger parking areas. It is accessible from two sides.

CARTHEIA DOUBLE offers four parking spaces as standard and each side of its roof can accommodate a maximum of six rows of five photovoltaic panels (= 30 panels). Dimensions: 2.90/5.80/11.30 metres (H/W/D).

Are the carports only available in the listed dimensions or can they be customised?
The dimensions of the CARTHEIA models are standardised. This gives the customer a considerable cost advantage, as our standard designs are ready to build and statically tested. However, it is very easy to extend or scale the dimensions.

How much electricity can CARTHEIA produce?
Per kWp installed, a yield of 900-950 kWh/year can be expected in the northern states of Germany. In the south of Germany, you can expect as much as 1050 kWh/year. The orientation of the solar installation towards the sun is always the decisive factor.

Can I connect the system to my home network?
Yes, and we recommend this to every CARTHEIA buyer. Every kilowatt hour (kWh) generated by the solar installation on the solar carport saves you the same amount of electricity from the public grid.

How long does it take to fully charge an electric vehicle?
The duration of the charging process depends on various factors, such as the size of the battery, the current state of charge, and the set charging power. The charging time of a vehicle can be calculated as follows:

battery capacity (kWh) / charging power (kW) = charging time (h).

Can I charge in bad weather or at night?
Yes, because we always recommend that the inverter is connected to the mains. In this case, the electricity from the public grid will support the charging process. Furthermore, with the addition of an energy storage unit, the energy produced during the day can be charged during the evening hours.

What is the minimum number of parking spaces for the CARTHEIA model range?
The CARTHEIA SINGLE model has two parking spaces. The CARTHEIA DOUBLE model has four parking spaces.

What is the maximum number of parking spaces for the CARTHEIA model range?
The maximum number of covered parking spaces is almost unlimited. Limitations are due to local conditions and/or the power limit of the building connection.

On what surfaces can CARTHEIA be installed?
The solar carport can be installed on sandy or sealed surfaces. The static calculation is made for wind and snow load zone 2.

How is the stability of the solar carport guaranteed?
The basis of stability is the solid concrete foundation in the ground. In addition, the construction is designed to provide additional stability through the way it is fastened and bolted together. Our CARTHEIA models have been tested by a designer and structural engineer.

How is the CARTHEIA aligned?
The solar carport can be oriented to the south to absorb the maximum amount of solar energy. However, an east-west orientation is also possible – we will be happy to advise you on the advantages and disadvantages.

What is the roof pitch of a CARTHEIA solar carport?
The pitch of the solar carport roof is +10 degrees.

What wind and snow loads are the CARTHEIA models designed for?
The installation of the carport is permitted up to and including wind and snow load zone 2. For the installation of a carport in wind load zone 1, we can provide you with individual advice.

How does the solar carport need to be cleaned?
CARTHEIA does not normally need to be cleaned as rain and wind will remove dirt. However, if you do clean it, do not use aggressive cleaning agents or hard brushes to avoid damaging the solar panels.

Is the panel roof waterproof?
Yes, the roof is waterproof. A trapezoidal sheet metal roof is used with a bolted solar panel substructure. The solar panels are mounted on top of this. CARTHEIA also has an integrated gutter and a downpipe at ground level.

Where can I buy CARTHEIA?
The solar carport can be purchased from umetec GmbH. Our project managers are of course available to provide you with service and expert advice.

Can I come and see CARTHEIA?
CARTHEIA can be seen on the premises of umetec GmbH in the Technology and Business Park in 16225 Eberswalde, Germany. Please send your request for an appointment to or call us on +49 (0) 3334 81924-29

How long does it take to install the solar carport?
The installation time for each CARTHEIA model depends on a number of factors, such as the size and condition of the site, the weather, and current availability from suppliers. Normally, it takes about 45 days.

Is there an installation service?
Yes, we have qualified personnel, modern machinery, reliable sub-contractors, and are happy to offer you a full service from civil engineering to connection of the photovoltaic system. You are also welcome to carry out the steel erection yourself. In this case, we will provide you with detailed installation instructions.

How long does it take for CARTHEIA to pay for itself?
The payback period of the solar carport depends on various factors, such as your own consumption, your electrical base load, local electricity prices, and the desired equipment. A calculation based on average figures gives a payback period of around 9-10 years with full use of CARTHEIA. This payback period takes into account the purchase of the carport and the photovoltaic solar installation (including its components). After that, you will be in the so-called profit zone for more than 10 years.

How much CO₂ will the solar carport save?
CARTHEIA not only helps you save on your electricity bill; it is also sustainable by producing clean energy. The exact amount of CO₂ emissions saved by CARTHEIA depends on several factors, such as the size and number of photovoltaic panels used. An estimate of the savings can be made on the basis of the solar energy produced and the amount of electricity consumed.

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CARTHEIA is an innovation from umetec GmbH. The steel construction company has been producing for the wind and solar industries for 20 years.

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